In the year 2067, there was a moment that finally brought mankind together, and would also tear humanity apart. An unlikely event, the passing of an asteroid, which eventually became known as 289 Lilith, changed projected course, and began on a collision course with Earth. Numerous attempts were made to deflect or destroy the asteroid, with no success.

In 2074 the asteroid touched down in the deep pacific ocean, and this began the destruction of all life on earth. In addition to the massive tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions this collision triggered, the debris sent into the atmosphere made Earth a dark, uninhabitable planet. But humanity has found a way to survive.

A man who is only known now as Dante, a research scientist studying quantum teleportation for use in embedded intelligent networks, had made the impossible possible. While transporting chunks of data via quantum teleportation, he changed some calculations, wired up some hardware, and was able to teleport the first piece of matter: a small hard drive.

This quickly led to a massive round of experiments, and finally, the first lab rat was teleported, then a cat, etc. Learned behaviors were still there, this wasn't a clone, this was, for all observable purposes, the same being, just in a new location. Like most discoveries in science, this led to more and more breakthroughs, and Dante found himself the pioneer of human teleportation. The implications of these developments were extremely radical, since the world of the quantum is nothing like our observable world. There were elements of the transportation process, when applied to thinking beings, where it was literally "mind over matter", and controlled thought could do much more with this technology than just get something from here to there. On many levels the universe was like a ball of clay when controlled thought was added to the process, through various biometric sensors mapped to the incredible power of quantum computing.

Dante was able to study various methods of controlled thought, such as meditation, tai chi, and yoga, to be able to harness the possibilities of this technology. This was a golden age of discovery, yet again surpassing the travel to distant planets, which had once surpassed the travel across oceans. The possiblities were nearly limitless to what could be done.

But then the asteroid came.

When Dante found out about 289 Lilith, he knew that he found this technology for a reason, and what he would need to do. Given about 7 years of time, he would need to train his mind, and develop the technology, to the point where it would give him and others a chance to escape and carry on the human race. But since everyone at the time was determined to destroy or deflect the asteroid, his transportation technology could not find much support, so the work was done mostly by himself in his San Francisco laboratory, with a small team of research assistants.

There was talk at the time of a planet, called Demeter, which had a moon named Persephone. The planet was thought to be not suitable for life, but there was strong indications that the moon could be, as the technology at the time could make out an agreeable atmosphere signature. But even with the ability to transport long distances instantaneously, how would someone transport people there? No one, including Dante, knew the answer to this.

Time ran out even faster than anyone could have wanted, and as the planet was in chaos from the impending asteroid, Dante gathered up as many people as he could fit in the teleportation grid. Mostly these were people from his neighborhood, people that believed in him all along. Most people had already hidden themselves away in bunkers, under the false assumption that everything would be OK in a week. It wouldn't be.

By the time the asteroid hit in the Pacific ocean, and a tsunami of devestating proportions was on it's way to San Francisco, Dante knew he had no other choice but to try to reach Persephone with the survivors he had assembled. So he began the process, and asked everyone to clear their thoughts, and this level of an event would need immense concentration. The transportation had begun.

They ended up on on a dark, desert-like moon, which they can only assume was Persephone. The air was breathable. They were alive. And luckily this moon didn't seem completely dead, there were signs of vegetation and water. And although the moon was dark, the thermal energy given off by large planet it was near kept the temperature reasonably warm. This could actually be a new home.

But there were also other signs of life here, although they hadn't seen anything up close, but there were signs of jagged shadowy figures in the distance. Almost like a mirage, but they seemed to move intelligently, like they were intentionally hiding from view. These didn't worry the survivors too much at the time, but they worried Dante, who had a premonition about this, and knew that life on this moon would not be easy. But they were alive, and that was all that mattered.